Adventure Prompt: The Charlatan

Synopsis: The players roll into town and begin to hear fantastic tales about a local hero. These stories begin to sound unusually familiar. Surely enough, these are tales of their own deeds! Some unscrupulous individual (or individuals) is lapping up the credit and renown due to the players.  This is a charlatan scenario. With itContinue reading “Adventure Prompt: The Charlatan”

“I cast Fireball!” – A Spellcasting Guide

“I cast Fireball!” is pretty straightforward in terms of interpretation, right? The caster wants to incinerate everything in a 20 foot radius for 8d6 fire damage. Fireball is not a pretentious spell. It doesn’t come with a wall of text explaining what it does. It costs an action and a 3rd level spell slot. SuperContinue reading ““I cast Fireball!” – A Spellcasting Guide”

How Not To Scare Away a New Player – Class Selection

You have been tapped to DM for your friends in an introductory experience to Dungeons & Dragons. You have time to prepare, but the responsibilities go beyond creating a fun, engaging experience for your friends. They have no idea what D&D is beyond the odd offhand remark they have heard in the past. They areContinue reading “How Not To Scare Away a New Player – Class Selection”

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